Annual Meetings

Proclaim Anglican Church’s Annual Meeting was held on Sunday 12th November after the service. The annual meeting booklet can be found below:

What is an Annual Meeting?

The Annual Meeting is an opportunity for our church to gather together and hear about the life and work of Berwick Anglican Church. We celebrate, reflect on and praise the Lord for the past year, and look to the year ahead.

Before the Annual Meeting church members can nominate for a leadership role, so that then during the meeting these candidates can be voted on.

Anyone can attend and watch the Annual Meeting. However to be nominated to a position, propose a motion, or vote, you need to be a member at the church. The membership process is to attend a three week DNA course, which runs twice a year.

The Proclaim Anglican Church Annual Meeting appoints 2 wardens and up to 6 members of our leadership team (commonly known as the Parish Council). The Senior Pastor appoints 1 warden and some of the leadership team members. The term of office is one year. The Annual Meeting also appoints 2 members to the Church Incumbency Committee. The committee is used when required as part of a wider Diocesan process to renew or appoint a new Senior Pastor.